Welcome to the office of Dr. Douglas J. Mackenzie! An accomplished and dedicated plastic surgeon,
Dr. Mackenzie specializes in plastic surgery procedures designed to help patients improve their figure, restore what time and sun have altered, or reconstruct what disease or injury has damaged. Whatever your most personal goals, at Pacific Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, we can help make them a reality.

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Dr. Douglas J. Mackenzie graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1989, and completed a general surgery residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 1994.  He did his plastic surgery training in New York City at New York Hospital/Cornell University Medical Center, and then went to Portland’s Oregon Health Sciences University for a hand surgery fellowship…

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Abdominoplasty by Design: Good Aesthetic Planning Avoids an Unfixable Problem

January 10, 2016- By Douglas Mackenzie

Writing this post was prompted by two recent patients I saw that had the same problem with their abdominoplasty scars that they got elsewhere, by different

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Ditch Your Double Chin With Kybella…

October 05, 2015- By Cassie Clara

Recently, you may have heard quite a bit about Kybella, which is the first FDA-approved non-surgical injectable treatment that reduces submental fat, AKA

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Botox Myths Busted

July 02, 2015- By Cassie Clara

There are quite a few myths, misconceptions and scary stories floating around about BOTOX™ and I felt that it was time to clear some of that up. Is it

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

May 19, 2015- By Cassie Clara

Motherhood brings an unimaginable amount of joy, the experience of unconditional love and is by far one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can have.

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Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials

April 09, 2015- By Cassie Clara

We are excited to announce that we will now be offering oxygen facials along with the exclusive Intraceutical product line which will help maximize the

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Treat BOTH Types of Facial Aging

February 07, 2015- By Douglas Mackenzie

There are many ways to classify the effects of aging, particularly on the face, but in practice it helps to divide the effects of aging into two types:

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Replace Your 2nd Generation Breast Implants!

December 13, 2014- By Douglas Mackenzie

Stop putting it off, make it your New Year’s resolution… If you (or someones you know) have breast implants from the early 90’s, 80’s, or (yikes!)

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Renee Zellweger’s plastic surgery

October 23, 2014- By Douglas Mackenzie

A lot of people have asked me about Renee Zellweger and her recent unrecognizable “transformation”.  Did she have plastic surgery?  Yes.  She’s

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Lumps and Bumps: Lipomas

September 07, 2014- By sitemanager

What are lipomas?

Lipomas are very common benign growths of fat.  They usually present as a palpable lump just below the skin, and are somewhat soft

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Are you a good candidate for Breast reduction

September 06, 2014- By sitemanager

For the right candidate, a breast reduction can improve both body-image and health. Find out if you may benefit from a reduction surgery…For the right

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