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Laser Vein Therapy - Pacific Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara uses the Lumenis One for Spider Veins

Laser Vein TherapyThe presence of "broken blood vessels", spider or varicose veins can cause people to feel uncomfortable in their bodies. Fortunately, through plastic surgery, people can get rid of their unsightly veins permanently. Through injection or laser therapy, a plastic surgeon can eliminate the appearance of spider veins on your arms, legs, or even face.

If you have facial veins or spider veins on your legs, there is a laser treatment that can help you that provides excellent results. The Lumenis One laser is used to diminish vascular lesions including broken blood vessels on the body, significantly improving the appearance of these veins with each treatment. Normal activities can be resumed soon after the treatment and side effects are rare. A series of three treatments is usually required. Raised varicose veins cannot be treated with this laser, and you may be referred to a vascular surgeon or radiologist with specialized training to deal with these.

Lumenis 1 Laser Platform

Another more traditional, though still very effective way of treating spider veins is with sclerotherapy.  Here a small amount of a dilute solution of a compound called Sclerovein is injected with a very small needle using magnification directly into the veins.  This is better than using hypertonic saline, as it is less painful and has less risk of prolonged bruising or scarring.  The legs will need compression for a few days after this treatment.  Dr. Mackenzie will determine which procedure would be best to treat your veins. 

To find out more about eliminating your unsightly veins, contact our Santa Barbara office today.  The sclerotherapy and laser vein procedures are perfomed in our Santa Barbara office by Dr. Douglas J. Mackenzie or Physician Assistant Jessica Barker.

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