Obagi Blue Peel

Obagi The Obagi® Blue Peel is an intensive facial peel that removes the outer layers of skin to reveal younger, fresher skin beneath. This procedure can reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, age spots, and smooths out the blotchy pigmentation of sun damage, improving the overall skin tone.

Face and neck sun damage (photo aging) are the most common targets for the Obagi Blue Peel, but it is also very effective for the décolleté and for age spots on the hands and arms. Melasma, a more troublesome pigmentation, is a more hormonally associated pigmentation (pregnancy mask). Melasma can be treated as well, but often needs repeated or more aggressive treatments, and the improvement may not be complete.

The Obagi Blue Peel is typically a 20-minute office procedure done by our Physician Assistant or nurse. There is some downtime of around 5 days as the skin peels and the results begin to show.

Many people ask how the Blue Peel compares with Intense Pulsed Light  (IPL). The effect is similar, although IPL usually takes 3 sessions to complete, sometimes with Levulan (Photodynamic Therapy) used during one of the sessions. The Blue Peel, however is a bit more uncomfortable than IPL, and your skin will be blue for several days until the peeled skin gets renewed.

With the Blue Peel or IPL, a skin care regimen that compliments the procedure will help the procedure to give you the best possible results, as well as maintain those results as long as possible. Consultation with our licensed esthetician Sara will be done, and Sara will develop a skin care plan with products that are designed for your skin.

Contact Dr. Mackenzie for more information on the Obagi® Blue Peel.

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