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The facelift procedures offered at our Santa Barbara practice rejuvenate the skin and underlying structures of your cheeks, jawline, and neck to reduce facial sagging and atrophy and eliminate the tired, sunken, or angry look that tends to develop with age. By undergoing a facelift procedure, a patient will “set the clock back” on the aging process and enjoy a more youthful look.  Other procedures are often done along with the facelift to address associated problems that the facelift doesn’t.  These might include blepharoplasty, browlift, or lip augmentation.  Additionally, fat transfer or facial implants may be done to restore volume lost during the aging process.

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If you are thinking about a facelift procedure, consider a consultation with Dr. Mackenzie to evaluate your needs and discuss the many types of facial rejuvenation surgery procedures available. Taking into account your particular facial anatomy and pattern of aging, along with your skin condition and degree of sun damage, Dr. Mackenzie will describe the procedures that will work best for you as well as give you an in-depth description of the surgery itself.  You may be a candidate for a MACS lift, midface Endotine, or other minimally invasive surgery technique, depending on your degree of facial aging.  The SideLaze (also known as “Knifeless Facelift” or “LazerLift”) is a new minimally invasive laser procedure that can offer select patients improvement of facial and neck laxity while avoiding the scars, cost, and recovery of a surgical facelift.  There may be non-surgical procedures that you may benefit from as well, such as photodynamic therapy, to address sun damage and skin texture.

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You’ve probably heard of the Liquid Facelift and other non-surgical ways to “lift” the face.  These don’t actually lift the face the way surgery does, but by restoring volume, they help restore youthful contours.  Younger patients worried about early aging changes of their face may be candidates for volume restoration to give their face a “lift”, using fat or fillers.  See our page on injectible fillers to learn more and watch Jessica getting a “Cheek Lift” with injectible filler!

The facelift surgery usually takes place at Surgical Arts Surgery Center, our Santa Barbara surgical facility, and can take as long as three hours. More time may be necessary if combined with other procedures. Some pain, swelling, and discomfort follow the facelift procedure, and you may have surgical drains to be removed the next day, depending on the procedure. With most facelift procedures, you will need to wear a compression head garment for a week.

If you would like to enjoy the look of youthful vitality that face lift creates, contact our Santa Barbara offices today.

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