04th Mar, 2018

Belly Button Surgery Trend?

One day, about ten years ago I got a call from a style writer for a weekly news magazine asking whether I could comment on the trend of women getting plastic surgery for their belly buttons. “Huh?” pretty much summed up my response. Worried I had just brushed off a potential free advertising opportunity (I did), the next day I called some plastic surgery colleagues in New York and Los Angeles and asked them if they were noticing such a trend in the places where the trends tend to start. Nope. My plastic surgery professional societies never noted a trend to my recollection. So the “trend” was at most a couple fluff articles in fashion magazines, then crickets. Fast forward to now…

Today I got a weekly eblast from a physician’s website called Doximity, which among its highlights was a link to an article from style site Refinery29 (the UK version) entitled: “Belly Button Plastic Surgery Is Now a Thing”. Ugh, deja vu. Barely trying to be original, the article largely pulls from a February 16th Allure article it quotes entitled “Why Belly Button Plastic Surgery Procedures are Trending Right Now”. Double ugh. I’m sure a Google key word analysis would show a phenomenal “trend” right now in “belly button surgery”. This of course would be the key work trend of the hype: the Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting, the blogging, the vlogging. Not more actual belly button surgery, mind you. But hey, I could be wrong.

Let’s be clear. We plastics surgeons operate on belly buttons all the time. Tummy tucks, umbilical hernias (the typical “outie”, or worse), scars from belly button piercings. Liposuction reveals more of the belly button with the fat around it reduced. And yes, those things have generally trended upward. The “belly button surgery” is just a part of the bigger picture, it’s not “a thing”. But that doesn’t stop editors pressuring their beauty and style writers to come up with the next juicy article, or the young Manhattan plastic surgeon’s public relations firm from feeding such drivel to said style writer. A symbiotic Madison Avenue fluff-o-matic style article generation scheme!

Do you think belly button piercings are actually less common than they were a few years ago? I kind of think so, though I have no actual data (if anyone finds some data, please let me know!). That might mean LESS belly button surgery can be expected.

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