You know the government is desperate for solutions to pay for it’s health care program when they propose a tax on cosmetic medical services and surgery (see the legislation below).  This has been attempted by the legislatures in several states, and was enacted for a time in New Jersey before being rescinded.  It cost more for the state government to administer it than it took in in revenue…not to mention that it was a public relations nightmare.  But maybe the heavy hand of the...Read More

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This weekend I was channel surfing and saw an ad pitching a plastic surgery procedure that was being promoted by a national marketing agency. You’ve probably seen the ads, but if not, you’ve probably seen similar ones touting a procedure or some new skin cream with fantastic claims like “better than Botox” or “look ten years younger in ten minutes”. They always show before and after photos, and they’re usually quite impressive. Or are they? I am going to discuss how to look at before and after...Read More

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This is not exactly a new technique, but it is gaining steam abroad, and there are centers in the US which are studying it, while some surgeons are begining to incorporate it into their suite of techniques.  Fat injection, also known as fat grafting, or fat transfer, is a tool that plastic surgeons use to fill, or augment areas of the body or face.  Cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, and buttocks are fairly common targets for the fat, which needs to be harvested from somewhere else (no, you...Read More

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Dr. Mackenzie will be using Body-Jet liposuction soon which is a better technology for allowing liposuction to be done under local anesthesia.  The recovery and bruising is less, and the fat that is removed is much better for re-injection than with traditional, laser, or ultrasound liposuction techniques.  Look for this at the end of the month, as we’ll likely be promoting it for November.

For October we are promoting Radiesse, a filler we have been using for years and which is...Read More

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In the last two weeks, I have encountered three of my own patients in Santa Barbara with scar results after surgery that illustrate the capriciousness of the healing process.

The first was a patient who had a facelift by me a couple years ago.  She diligentlly followed our post-op instructions regarding her facelift scars.  Behind both ears, she developed a thickening scar into which I injected a steroid, a pretty standard treatment.  I did it a couple...Read More

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I was reading a throw-away plastic surgery journal the other day (the kind that is mostly an advertising forum, with some soft articles written by and for surgeons) and a well known, well respected plastic surgeon from Los Angeles was raving about this Stem Cell Facelift. He wrote about how it smoothed skin, reduced pore size, and minimized recovery compared to other more invasive surgical procedures. He wrote about how the stem cells (the adult kind, not the more controversial fetal kind) were...Read More

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Until recently, Botox has been the only game in town for softening the muscle action of facial muscle muscles to effect an improvement in facial lines and wrinkles. This of course, is the primary cosmetic use of Botox, and there are many non-cosmetic uses of the Botox as well. Dysport is now on the scene, also a botulinum toxin type A, but has some differences. Comparing the recommended dose ratios of Dysport to Botox, it takes about 2.5 times the amount of Dysport as compared to Botox. Although not...Read More

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Last night I was talking to Dr. Kim Grafton, one of the general surgeons that I sometimes work with in Santa Barbara on breast reconstruction cases, and we were discussing nipple-sparing mastectomy. This has been a somewhat controversial procedure, as many surgeons and oncologists have been hesitant to leave behind the nipple, for fear that the ducts that travel through it may harbor residual cancer. As in many aspects of surgery, new trends take a while to take hold and are often met with resistance by...Read More

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Ahhh… the joys of pregnancy… flawless glowing skin, cute "baby bump" and best of all a darn good excuse to eat that extra chocolate chip cookie. Welcoming your new bundle of joy is definitely the most wonderful and rewarding experience. But you have to admit they have taken a toll on your old bod’. That pregnant glow now is a hyper-pigmented mask of pregnancy. That flawless skin is now ridden with hormonal acne. And that baby bump has transformed to a bulging abdominal wall...Read More

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We had a great turnout Tuesday at Derma Spa Med ( in Santa Maria for the evening event that I announced in a previous blog post. Dr. Labrecque discussed cosmetic dermatology with several of the attendees, while I discussed plastic surgery procedures. It was a nice, mingly kind of atmosphere, which I much prefer to getting up and putting on a Powerpoint presentation! Plus, it allowed prospective patients to have a "mini-consult" with myself or Dr. Labrecque, which is often not...Read More

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