For patients in and around the Santa Barbara area, our plastic surgery services have produced stunning results with the highest quality of precision and care. Popular techniques such as facelift, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck surgery have helped patients achieve greater confidence and satisfaction in their bodies. It can therefore be discouraging when a potentially rewarding procedure is offset by a seemingly prohibitive cost.

Although most plastic surgery procedures are not covered by...Read More

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Yesterday the American Academy of Dermatology posted to their Facebook page this article from their website about the diagnosis and treatment of hyperhidrosis.  The article is a pretty straight forward run-through of hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, and discusses some more complicated issues of palmar (hand) and foot hyperhidrosis in addition to the more routine problem of sweaty underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis).  There doesn’t seem to be a date attached to the article, but it struck me as a...Read More

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A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a popular way for women to regain a firm, youthful appearance for their breasts. By readjusting the lower pole of the breast into a higher and/or tighter position, this procedure allows women to reduce sagging and achieve better defined curves of the upper body. Like many plastic surgery procedures, a breast lift can be performed in multiple ways, depending on the nature of the incision. Each type of incision offers different benefits to the patient in terms of comfort,...Read More

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A popular sentiment in the United States is that larger breasts are more desirable, and while this may be true for some, breast size should be evaluated on an individual basis. Women with smaller frames, for example, may feel that their breasts are too large for their body. In many cases, women with overly large breasts suffer from very tangible drawbacks, such as discomfort and physical impediments. In any such instance, it is reasonable for a woman to consider a breast reduction and the long-term benefits...Read More

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Getting breast implants can have a major impact on your overall appearance. By meeting with a plastic surgeon, you can find out if breast augmentation surgery is right for you and discuss all of the variables and options that are connected with it. By getting all of this information, you can make the best informed decisions with regard to your overall health, wellness, and appearance.

One topic that comes up a lot during the consultation process is whether or not large breast implants are an ideal...Read More

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Breast augmentation is a popular and effective procedure for women who want to improve the size and shape of their bust, but how big is too big? For some women, a substantial increase in breast size is desirable and, due to their body type, poses little risk. For other women, a modest upgrade can hold numerous advantages, both medically and cosmetically.

When considering the details of your potential augmentation, it is worth considering how the size of your implants will affect your overall...Read More

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Loose skin and sagging cheeks are common signs of aging, creating a gaunt or tired expression over time. These changes are natural, but they can also occur well before someone is prepared for them. As a result, cosmetic procedures such as a facelift are popular ways of achieving a younger, more vivacious appearance. But when a patient’s primary concern is limited to the middle of the face, a full facelift procedure may be too invasive and extensive for some patients.

A midface lift may therefore...Read More

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Wound healing is a complex process that takes time.  A surgical scar is the visible part of the scar tissue that results after the skin incision (wound) heals.   This is the type of healing that is of most concern to patients – the visible scar.  As I have discussed in a previous blog post (here), there is no such thing as scar-less surgery, and plastic surgeons can only minimize and mitigate scarring, not eliminate it.

One of the enemies of a nice scar is tension.  Tension is the body’s...Read More

When seeking a breast augmentation, it can be difficult to navigate all the nuances of the procedure at first. Patients must not only consider the size of their potential implants, but also a number of other variables, each of which can significantly impact the results of their surgery. At our Santa Barbara office, we make it a point to keep our patients informed about our practices, allowing them to make the best decisions for their bodies.

Two factors involved with breast implants are an...Read More

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For many plastic surgery procedures, it helps if the patient can get an idea of what they will look like after the procedure, as opposed to looking at photos of what other people look like after a similar procedure.  (See a recent story in Business Insider about plastic surgery photo morphing here). I’ve used photo morphing for years, both 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D).  The 3D morphing has been more useful for breast augmentation patients, and I am going to limit this discussion to the 2D...Read More

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