Up to 3% of the population has hyperhidrosis.  Seems like a lot for something most people have never heard of.  Better known as excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis is typically just a more extreme form of underarm sweating.  There are other forms, such as palmar (hand) hyperhidrosis, and in extreme cases these may require surgical procedures to disrupt the autonomic nervous system source of the problem.

Excessive underarm sweating can affect anybody from time to time, not just those with a medical...Read More

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Not all bodies are created equally, and surgical treatments should reflect that. There is no “one size fits all” method for plastic surgery, as all patients must be treated according to their physical needs and goals. To this end, tummy tuck procedures can be tailored according to the extent and location of a patient’s excess skin. Those who are looking to reshape the flanks in addition to their stomach may be good candidates for an extended tummy tuck. To better serve our patients in Santa Barbara,...Read More

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I am often asked, “What can you do to make me look years younger, less tired, less droopy, and less stressed?”  “Oh… and make sure it looks totally natural and subtle so that no one knows I did ANYTHING!”  “Oh… and I can’t bruise because I have my high school reunion, daughter’s wedding, or big party this weekend.” No doubt, this is a tall order! I don’t blame my patients for saying these things, because I think and say them all too. We do...Read More

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The earlobes tend to take a lot of abuse – the fleshy underside of the ear is frequently subject to piercings, heavy earrings, stretching and gauging. But even the earlobe has its breaking point. Whether it’s a tear from a traumatic injury or the simple desire to close up the holes that large gauge earlobe plugs leave behind, there are many reasons to consider earlobe repair surgery. Dr. Douglas J. Mackenzie and his friendly staff at Pacific Plastic Surgery specialize in a wide range of plastic...Read More

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With more and more speculation about a Hillary Clinton bid for the White House in 2016, the churn of Hillary stories coming out of the media is only going to accelerate.  “Should Hillary Clinton Get Plastic Surgery?” is one of the trendy stories now.  (Actually, we’ve seen it before, but it seems like “they” are spewing out this theme daily).  The latest one comes from New Beauty.  Nothing is really answered in their post, but the questions just generate more questions and fodder for more...Read More

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Apparently the tabloids are reporting that actor Matthew Perry of Friends fame is considering plastic surgery.  This article from makemeheal.com says that his friends back home made fun of his fat neck and “double chin”, which prompted him to consider liposuction of his neck.  Not sure whether it prompted him to consider getting new friends.  But there are some important issues at play here, with Matthew Perry specifically and male plastic surgery in general.  And the fact that he’s a male...Read More

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed because it can enhance a woman’s bust line to produce a more feminine physique,, boost self-confidence, and improve the fit of many popular styles of clothing. While this is a procedure that is frequently performed, many patients who choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery are not aware of the many options that are available to them. Not only are there the obvious choices of the size and type of implant that will be...Read More

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While facial plastic surgery can greatly enhance your looks, there is another option out there that is extremely effective and involves no incisions whatsoever. That option is the use of cosmetic injections, which can really make a world of difference.

The team at our Santa Barbara plastic surgery center knows that you probably have a lot of questions about cosmetic injections and how they can benefit you. We’ll be more than happy to address all of your concerns about cosmetic injections in...Read More

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Since Angelina Jolie’s disclosure of her bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction this week in the New York Times, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about it.  As you probably already know, she carried the BRCA1 gene which gave her a much higher risk for breast cancer.  One way to drastically reduce this risk is to undergo prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, a drastic approach some might argue.  I’m not going to go into the genetics or epigenetics of this marker for breast cancer, or even...Read More

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06th Mar, 2013

We get a lot of questions about Cellulaze and I thought that answering some frequently asked questions might be helpful.  This technology is fundamentally different than previous methods of cellulite treatment, but many people assume it’s similar to some of the familiar technologies already out there.

1)Is Cellulaze a non-invasive treatment?

No.  Cellulaze is a surgical treatment using a laser.  The term “minimally invasive” is appropriate, but this still means that small incisions...Read More

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