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Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

A popular sentiment in the United States is that larger breasts are more desirable, and while this may be true for some, breast size should be evaluated on an individual basis. Women with smaller frames, for example, may feel that their breasts are too large for their body. In many cases, women with overly large breasts suffer from very tangible drawbacks, such as discomfort and physical impediments. In any such instance, it is reasonable for a woman to consider a breast reduction and the long-term benefits it could bring.

If you have ever felt as if your breast size is a greater detriment than an asset, you may be a good candidate for a breast reduction. Read up on some of the most common reasons why women undergo reduction surgery, and whether you too may gain the benefits of more appropriately sized breasts.

What Can a Breast Reduction Solve?

First and foremost, a reduction allows patients to permanently downsize their breasts. This is primarily a way for women to be more comfortable, both physically and mentally, with the size of their breasts in relation to their body. Because a reduction utilizes a similar surgical technique to a breast lift, patients also benefit from breasts that are lifted into a higher position and held more firmly in place to counteract sagging. By helping women achieve a more manageable breast size, reduction surgery typically offers the following advantages:

Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Unlike breast augmentations or lifts, which tend to be purely cosmetic, breast reductions are usually sought for reasons of health and comfort as well. Most patients who arrive at the decision to get a breast reduction are therefore good candidates. Commonly, these women are self-conscious about the size of their breasts, experience discomfort from bras or the breasts themselves, and have concerns about long-term aches and pains from the weight of their breasts. In some instances, women may also have stretch marks on their breasts or nipples that face downward as a result of sagging. Each of these problems may be alleviated through reduction surgery.

In order to undergo a breast reduction, a patient must be healthy and have no significant risk factors for surgery. This means little to no systemic disease, no uncontrolled diabetes, and no scarring or bleeding complications. Patients should also consider any future changes their body may undergo, such as weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy. Patients are advised to wait until a point at which they do not anticipate any such changes.

Breast Reduction and Insurance

One benefit of breast reductions over most other types of plastic surgery is the opportunity for insurance coverage. Since overly large breasts can actively cause problems with one’s well-being and general quality of life, many insurance companies will offer full or partial coverage as long as certain conditions are met first. Usually, these stipulations involve the amount of breast tissue removed in relation to your body, the symptoms you currently experience as a result of your breast size, and steps you’ve taken thus far to alleviate said symptoms. Almost all of these conditions must be verified with your doctor, and most insurance companies demand months of documentation before they are willing to consider coverage. Therefore, speak with your doctor as soon as you first consider a breast reduction – even if you do not end up getting one – as it will allow you to start the process and help you make the right decisions for your body and your investment.

Schedule a Consultation

Come in for a consultation with Dr. Mackenzie to learn more about breast reduction surgery and whether it’s right for you. Together, we can help you achieve the look that best suits your personal and cosmetic goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at Pacific Plastic Surgery.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD

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