Botox vs. Dysport, Coke vs. Pepsi

I previously wrote on this blog about Dysport, and it’s debut on the market as a competitor for Botox. I wasn’t too thrilled that although it seemed to be very similar to Botox, there was essentially little or no cost difference, and speculated that there were maybe some issues of propping up the price because of third party reimbursement for certain non-cosmetic applications, and that each company wanted to keep that under wraps.

Well, I’ll let that line of conspiracy theory go and chalk it up to the unintended consequences and inefficiencies of government’s intrusions into health care (imagine any other product coming onto a market, competing head to head with a similar product – the price of both would go down).

Because of patient interest, I decided to get Dysport and have it available along with Botox in my Santa Barbara practice. So Dysport is now available at Pacific Plastic Surgery with myself or Jessica. As for the prices of Botox and Dysport…well that hasn’t changed, although watch for our occasional specials or events.

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