Cellulaze versus other cellulite treatments

Now is the time to treat your cellulite!  Yes, there is a treatment that can improve cellulite, usually with only one treatment, and with long lasting effects.  It’s called CellulazeTM and we have been treating cellulite with it in Santa Barbara since 2012.  This is a minimally invasive treatment which means that it is surgical but with tiny holes that don’t even require a stitch. There is some significant bruising that can last for weeks, and the results take 6 months to fully manifest.  Expect a 50%, long lasting improvement – much better than other treatments.  This is why now is the perfect time to do it, while you can cover your thighs and be ready for the warmer shorts and bikini weather in the spring.

You may be aware of other cellulite treatments or experienced them yourself.  I bet you weren’t too happy with the results or the repeated treatments required.  Here are some of these other treatments:  Endermologie – A machine that rolls and lifts the skin, stretching the fibrous septae that create the cellulite dimpling.  SmoothShapes – A combo of light, laser, and vacuum massage.  Also requires multiple treatments and maintenance treatments.  Velashape – A combo of infrared light, radiofrequency energy, vacuum and massage.  Touted to reduce size of fat cells, and stimulate lymphatics.  Fewer sessions than the other options, but maintenance treatments still required.

Although Cellulaze is more costly than those other treatments, because it is usually a one-time treatment, is more likely to be effective, and is long-lasting, it is actually more cost-effective.  The cost depends on how many areas and how big the areas are.  For most people with the typical back-and-sides-of-the-thigh cellulite, a cost between $5000 and $7000 is expected.  Other added areas such as the buttocks would increase the cost.  For small areas, it can even be done under local anesthesia.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, M.D.
Santa Barbara, California

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD

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