Intense Pulsed Light Treatment Season

Treated skin 4 days after Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

It’s finally IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) season, one of my favorite times of year. This small, but mighty skin treatment remains to be one of my reliable wintertime work horses as it can reset our skin tone for the coming year.

How does it work?

IPL works by heating sections of skin with light energy. The energy targets damaged or pigmented skin cells, as well as oxyhemoglobin that is found in the small red vessels that can appear within the surface of the skin. This results in our body naturally sloughing and reabsorbing brown pigmentation and red vessels.

I know this all sounds really fancy, so what does it actually mean? As we age, we are all prone to skin damage. IPL is great at treating:

                Redness (red vessels, or rosacea)

                Hyperpigmentation (freckles, age spots, sun damage)

                Some Melasma

                Acne Scar pigmentation

                Other scar pigmentation concerns

Is it painful? While getting an IPL is not like getting a back massage, it is not an extraordinarily painful treatment. The light itself is often compared to that of a hot snapping rubber band, but with the use of our topical lidocaine and cool air blowing machine the painful sensations are much less.

The typical downtime post IPL is relatively short unless you have lots of skin damage. Most clients experience lingering heat within the skin for 24 hours. After the initial 24 hours, the remaining signs of the IPL manifest as areas of darkened (coffee ground like) pigmentation. Our photo attached is of a client 4 days afterwards. This pigmentation can take anywhere from 7-10 days to naturally flake off. The results leave you with beautiful even and glowing skin.

Unfortunately, with all treatments there are some clients who are not candidates for IPL, so please if you have any questions or concerns, come in for a consult and we can discuss what treatment would best suite your concerns.




Haley Mabery, RN

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