MACS Facelift

As much as we’d like to turn back the clock at times, age invariably catches up with us. Those who are middle-aged or older may begin to notice more apparent signs of aging, such as wrinkles or creases in the face. Such changes may not accurately represent the youth that one still feels.

If you are interested in giving yourself a more energized appearance, a facelift at our Santa Barbara office may be the right treatment for you. More specifically, a MACS lift treatment can provide significant cosmetic benefits with less invasiveness than a full facelift procedure.

What Is a MACS Facelift?

A Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) lift is a type of “mini facelift” that can reduce moderate signs of aging by tightening the skin and softening mid-facial features.

In a traditional facelift, an incision is made from behind the ear, extending around it and toward the hairline. From this incision, muscles are tightened below the skin, before the skin is pulled horizontally across the face. In a MACS lift, muscles are still tightened, but the skin is draped vertically, resulting in a more natural correction of the effects of gravity. Compared to the average four to five hours of a full facelift, a MACS lift can be performed in two hours, under a more mild combination of anesthesia and sedation. Similarly, side effects during recovery and overall recovery time tend to be shorter from the MACS procedure.

Candidates for a MACS Lift

If you have started to notice signs of aging that you’d like to reduce or even reverse, you may be a suitable candidate for a MACS lift. Of all facelift patients, those who opt for a MACS lift tend to be a bit younger, looking to delay the onset of facial aging. Common features that can be enhanced through this treatment include:

Wrinkles in the mid- or lower-face
Sagging cheeks
Drooping skin along the jaw or neck
Creases next to the nose or mouth
Loss of skin elasticity
Additionally, candidates must be in good health and able to recover from a plastic surgery procedure. If you possess any risk factors that may compromise your immune system or recovery, communicate such concerns in an initial consultation with your doctor.

 The MACS Lift Procedure
After you are sedated and anesthetized, the surgery will proceed as follows:

Incisions will be made next to the ear, up to the hairline. The incision may be taken along the temporal (sideburn) hairline, and/or behind the ear and down the hairline in the back.  The extent of the incision depends on how loose the skin is.
The skin in this area will be temporarily pulled back to access the muscle and underlying tissues.
Loose platysma muscle tissue will be pinned into a tighter position using long lasting internal sutures.
The SMAS layer of the cheek will be suspended with long lasting internal sutures.
Excess fat and skin will be removed, creating a smoother and firmer appearance.
The vector for pull is more upward (counteracting gravity) than many facelifts where the pull is more backward.
The remaining skin will be pulled back into position and sutured in place.

Because of the size and location of the incisions, scarring can be easily concealed within one’s natural hairline. After the initial side effects of recovery subside, namely swelling and bruising, the results should be instantly noticeable. Most patients see their results last for ten years, remaining satisfied with the effects of treatment.

Revitalize Your Look

There’s no stopping time, so why not take matters into your own hands? Consider the benefits of a facelift by Dr. Mackenzie, and take the first step toward your renewed look. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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