Pop Star Lyrics and Plastic Surgery

Another pop culture comment…What’s up with Lady Gaga’s “Dance in the Dark” and the intro line of “Silicon, saline, poison inject me…”? Thinking I might have a whole song to comment about, she then digresses, mentioning Jon Benet Ramsey and Stanley Kubrick. And Jesus and Liberace. So forget all that – let’s just focus on those 5 words… First of all, she means silicone, not silicon. (She does pronounce it silicone, but the lyrics say silicon – she needs a new writer. I’m available.) Silicone is a polymer made up of many molecular groups strung together. Silicon is an element. Although there may be some elemental silicon in a breast implant, it’s mostly silicone. Saline – spelled correctly, no comment. Poison inject me… presumably she’s referring to Botox, or perhaps all injectables, where she would be clearly wrong. But if she is referring to Botox, she’s correct in the sense that Botox is a toxin – botulinum toxin. However, it is a protein that is degraded by the body and goes away. Like the ethanol in her martini which is also a poison and is degraded by the body and goes away. Or the cyanide in the nutmeg on her eggnog tomorrow. Presuming she drinks martinis and switches to eggnog on Christmas. Botox is unlike a poison like arsenic or mercury, which is not degraded by the body, and can accumulate. I wish a pop star would decide to write a whole song about plastic surgery, and I could consult on it. I doubt that will happen, so I may just need to write my own.

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