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Should You Consider a Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy?

Should You Consider a Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy?

Although pregnancy comes with certain expectations, every woman’s body will react differently to the process. The weight gain and subsequent loss can leave lasting changes to the body, many of which are undesirable. For women whose breasts have been negatively affected by pregnancy, a breast augmentation can help restore them to their previous appearance or achieve a new, improved one.

Many patients in the Santa Barbara area have benefited from our breast augmentations, and as one of our more popular “mommy makeover” procedures; we hope to extend these benefits to you.

Why Consider Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy?

As many mothers will attest, pregnancy can cause drastic changes to a woman’s body, particularly her skin. This is especially true for older mothers or those who have gone through multiple pregnancies. While the hips and abdomen are noteworthy places of unwanted change, it is also common for breasts to become smaller, more saggy, or appear deflated.

Breast augmentation, sometimes coupled with a breast lift, is an excellent way for mothers to return their breasts to a desirable size and shape. Alternatively, women who have long anticipated a breast augmentation can finally take the opportunity to do so, after first waiting to finish pregnancy.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Procedure

While some mothers may benefit most from a simple breast augmentation, others may achieve their best results from a breast lift. Sometimes, an augmentation and lift together will be most effective. Ultimately, the individual effects from your pregnancy, along with your expectations, will dictate which procedure is most appropriate for you.

When breasts suffer from both of the above descriptions, an augmentation and lift will likely be the best technique. Only by speaking with your plastic surgeon can you accurately determine the best way to achieve your desired results.

Choosing Your Implants

Prior to augmentation surgery, you will need to decide whether you will receive saline or silicone implants. Both materials are effective in augmentation procedures and are deemed safe by the FDA; however, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The risks and benefits of each implant type are only guidelines; you and your doctor will decide which material is safest and most effective for you. For augmentations after pregnancy, the condition of one’s breasts may offset specific drawbacks.

Come in for a Consultation

To better understand what breast augmentation can do for you after your pregnancy, speak with Dr. Douglas J. Mackenzie in a private consultation. Contact our office to schedule an appointment, and see how our variety of plastic surgery treatments can help restore or enhance your body, as well as your confidence.

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