Should You Opt for Small Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation is a popular and effective procedure for women who want to improve the size and shape of their bust, but how big is too big? For some women, a substantial increase in breast size is desirable and, due to their body type, poses little risk. For other women, a modest upgrade can hold numerous advantages, both medically and cosmetically.

When considering the details of your potential augmentation, it is worth considering how the size of your implants will affect your overall results. Before coming in for a consultation at our Santa Barbara plastic surgery center, weigh the pros and cons of opting for smaller breast implants.

Cosmetic Benefits of Small Breast Implants

While large breast implants may seem more aesthetically appealing based on size alone, smaller implants can actually provide multiple cosmetic benefits. These benefits include:

These advantages will vary among patients, depending on their body types and implant preferences. Women with smaller frames or smaller natural breasts will see greater differences in the appearance of various implant sizes. Likewise, these aesthetic differences are seen more notably in saline implants than silicone.

Medical Benefits of Small Breast Implants

Although all breast augmentation procedures are considered safe with an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, certain risks and complications can be more easily avoided by using smaller implants. Such advantages may include:

Drawbacks of Small Breast Implants

The primary disadvantage to small implants is perhaps the most obvious: the augmentation may not be substantial enough to meet one’s cosmetic goals. Patients tend to have an idea of how they’d like their results to appear, and for some patients, size is non-negotiable. Regardless, Dr. Mackenzie will work with each patient to choose the breast implants that are in the best interest of one’s health and long-term satisfaction.

Occasionally, patients will have an idea of what they would like their results to be, but also have trepidation about going too big. In these scenarios, it is often a good idea to err on the side of caution and go with a smaller size. On the other hand, this often results in patients undergoing a second surgery later on to further upgrade their breasts. While revision surgery is not inherently bad, we encourage patients to form accurate expectations for their initial surgery so that they may achieve long lasting, satisfying results.

Schedule Your Consultation

By meeting with Dr. Mackenzie in a personal consultation, you can learn more about the pros and cons of each factor that affects your breast augmentation. Call or email our office to schedule your first consultation with us.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD

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