SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE

Creation of your Custom DOSE by SkinCeuticals

We are proud to announce that we are now one of the few practices in California who can offer quality customizable skincare with SkinCeutical’s Custom DOSE. Good skin health should never be about treating all skin types with one formula, it should be about celebrating our skin’s uniqueness, and supporting our differences with special ingredients. Long gone are the days where every client fits into one skincare regimen, and thanks to Custom DOSE we can achieve a new standard of skin health.

Custom DOSE provides our practice with the necessary tools to customize your skincare product. Whether you are struggling with stubborn discoloration/pigmentation or with the effects of aging, our machine is designed to address your special concerns. With our technology we can conduct a comprehensive skin consultation and select individual ingredients to formulate your skincare serum. Our Custom DOSE machine is then able to combine those ingredients into one product that can be added to your existing regimen.

My favorite part of the Custom DOSE is the potency and flexibility of the ingredients being used. All ingredients used for the serum lack preservatives and are therefore strong and effective as they are meant to be used within 3 months. The other plus is that the Custom Dose serum is the perfect year-round product. We can keep your favorite ingredients within the product, yet at each dispensing we can change other components that may help with hydration, exfoliation, aging, or pigmentation. This makes the formulation perfect for anytime of year, (as many of us know in Santa Barbara the winters can be very drying on the skin).

If there were one ingredient I would recommend trying within your Custom DOSE it would be adding a retinol. Retinol is a fantastic product for aging and discoloration, but traditional use of retinol often leads to peeling and skin irritation. The Custom DOSE helps alleviate these pesky symptoms by offering a low 0.1% retinol, which then delivers a more manageable amount of product to the skin. As you adjust to retinol use, you can then increase the retinol to a 0.3% or 0.5% when you refill your DOSE.

We look forward to providing this new service to all current and prospective clients.  If you were ever interested in significantly improving your skincare with one product, this is the one!

Haley Mabery, RN

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