Ten Things You Can Do To Get Ready For Summer – Number 9 – IPL

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL (also called photofacial and other names) is a popular treatment for undoing some of the effects of the sun. So okay, this is more a topic of getting rid of the effects of summer, rather than getting ready for summer, but since we’re already in the middle of July, it seemed appropriate! Lisa recounts her experience with IPL…

My Hands Down Favorite Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin…IPL!!!

Like many women in their 40’s, I spent the majority of my teen years wearing baby oil and iodine. The only place I saw sunscreen was on the Coppertone freeway billboard (you remember the one with the pigged tail girl and the puppy pulling at her bathing suit bottoms?). I recall climbing onto my rooftop on hot summer weekends and laying out, holding a sheet of tinfoil under my chin. With the invention of tanning beds, I competed hard with all of the other Bronze Goddesses of the 80’s. I was enlightened…I had discovered the secret of camouflaging pesky sunspots, freckles, broken capillaries and cellulite…just keep tanning! I was rocking that deep tan well through my 30’s…then I saw that Cameron Diaz movie, “Something about Mary”. Holy Cow! I looked in the mirror and realized I was on the fast track to becoming Magda! I spent hundreds… no THOUSANDS of dollars on skin care products. I told myself my skin was looking better. It wasn’t. I was wearing heavier makeup and still occasionally visiting tanning beds to even out my skin tone and get rid of blemishes. I heard about IPL treatments from a fellow 80’s sun worshipper. It was way too expensive for my working girl budget (one treatment cost $1000 when I first tried an IPL). But I splurged and it WORKED! My dark spots got darker – they “speckled” and then sloughed off after a week. My skin looked more even toned and much younger. The intense pulse light was getting rid of my sun damage and stimulating collagen and elastin production and I didn’t end up with the waxy white face on a brown body that my mom warned me about! I followed up with another treatment a month later and by my third treatment I actually looked my age. Over a decade later and averaging an IPL every four months, I now get compliments on my skin. I look and feel younger than my age. Seriously, IPL’s are the best treatment to not only to repair sun damaged skin, but to proactively maintain and prolong your skin’s youthful appearance. Pacific Plastic Surgery offers an incredible deal on IPL packages and uses the “Gold Standard” of lasers…the Lumenis One! You can purchase a series of 3 facial IPL treatments at Pacific Plastic Surgery for only $1000!!! That is an amazing price for a great investment in your skin. If you mention that you read this blog, we’ll throw in one neck area treatment for FREE! Our low IPL prices are not going to last so call us today!

-Lisa Glenny, Aesthetic Coordinator at Pacific Plastic Surgery

Lisa Glenny, Aesthetic Coordinator

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