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The Endotine Midface Lift Technique

Loose skin and sagging cheeks are common signs of aging, creating a gaunt or tired expression over time. These changes are natural, but they can also occur well before someone is prepared for them. As a result, cosmetic procedures such as a facelift are popular ways of achieving a younger, more vivacious appearance. But when a patient’s primary concern is limited to the middle of the face, a full facelift procedure may be too invasive and extensive for some patients.

A midface lift may therefore be a preferable option, as is offered at our Santa Barbara plastic surgery clinic. Using the Endotine technique, a midface lift can create better definition of the cheeks while minimizing scarring and damage to surrounding tissues. Refer to the following information regarding this effective facelift alternative.

What Is Endotine?

Endotine is an innovative method of improving signs of aging in the middle of the face, using a temporary implant to readjust the position of skin and subcutaneous tissues. The implant is a thin strip with five small tines at one end. Through a small incision (usually hidden behind the hairline), the device is inserted into the cheek, below the soft tissues. By holding the overlying tissues in place, the device can tighten skin, redefine cheeks, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases in the area.

The Endotine implant is composed of polylactic acid, which is derived from natural materials such as corn starch, and will therefore be safely absorbed by the body over time. By the time it has dissolved within the body, the surrounding tissues will have healed in their new, fixed position.

The Procedure for an Endotine Midface Lift

If you are a good candidate for a midface lift, the procedure will take place via the following steps:

The entire process for one Endotine insertion can take 90 minutes or less, although the surgery will require more time for both sides of the face. As an outpatient procedure, patients can return home soon after surgery, with the assistance of a friend or family member.

Benefits of the Endotine Technique

When compared with comparable facial surgery options, the Endotine technique offers multiple advantages to the right patient:

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We want you to make the best choice to meet your cosmetic goals. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our facelift options, along with the range of procedures and services offered at our office.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD

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