The Lollipop Breast Lift Technique

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a popular way for women to regain a firm, youthful appearance for their breasts. By readjusting the lower pole of the breast into a higher and/or tighter position, this procedure allows women to reduce sagging and achieve better defined curves of the upper body. Like many plastic surgery procedures, a breast lift can be performed in multiple ways, depending on the nature of the incision. Each type of incision offers different benefits to the patient in terms of comfort, recovery, aesthetics, and the extent of treatment. The vertical, or “lollipop” technique in particular offers a good compromise between effectiveness and side effects, offering satisfying results for the right candidate. For more information on the lollipop incision and who is best suited for it, refer to the following information provided by our Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice.

Breast Lift Incisions

When seeking a breast lift, one of the primary factors to consider is how the surgery will be performed. Although not every incision is equally recommended for each patient, there are three main types of incisions that may be utilized for a breast lift:

As noted, the lollipop technique offers a breast lift with more dramatic results than a single areolar incision, without resorting to the extent of the anchor incision. In this way, the lollipop incision can be seen as a relatively subtle yet effective option.

Candidates for a Lollipop Breast Lift

The surgical technique used for a breast lift is dependent on a number of factors. First, the doctor must evaluate how much sagging is present in the breasts, and therefore how much tissue needs to be removed and repositioned. When breasts are heavily sagging, an anchor incision may be the only way to meet the patient’s expectations for a full breast lift. However, if a patient only needs or wants a moderate lift, the lollipop technique may provide satisfying results. The key components of the lollipop technique include:

Bear in mind that the primary incision in this technique is located vertically down the breast. Thus, skin is removed and tightened by pulling it horizontally toward that incision. This results in a breast that appears firmer and better defined in shape, but is not necessarily in a higher position on the chest. The best candidates for the lollipop technique are therefore women who desire a perkier, more youthful appearance, but do not need to raise the breasts a significant amount.

Benefits of the Lollipop Technique

When considering the lollipop incision, most patients must weight its benefits and drawbacks against the anchor incision. While the latter certainly offers more lift and a greater range of direction in positioning, the extent of its incisions cannot be overlooked. The anchor technique results in the greatest amount of tissue damage, leaving patients with more discomfort, scarring, and a longer overall recovery. And while a lollipop incision requires healing as well, patients will experience an easier recovery as well as more subtle scarring in the long term.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and body type. How much lift do your breasts truly require, and what type of incisions are you willing to utilize to achieve it? By meeting with your doctor and discussing your goals for surgery, you can come to an informed and realistic decision regarding your breast lift.

Consult Dr. Mackenzie

The first step toward a fulfilling breast enhancement procedure is to have realistic expectations about your surgery and its potential outcomes. Visit our office to meet with Dr. Mackenzie and discuss your plans for plastic surgery. Together, you can arrive at a cosmetic plan that suits your needs and aesthetic aspirations.


Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD

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