The Other Breast Enhancements

Breast “enhancement” is a vague term that plastic surgeons use, but you see it everywhere when researching breast surgery. It usually refers to augmentationmastopexy (breast lift), or both. Breast reduction could be considered breast enhancement also. But there are other procedures that don’t get enough credit that should definitely be considered under the umbrella of breast “enhancement”. I’ve listed four. Can you think of others?

#1 Inverted Nipple

A nipple that comes out only occasionally or never is something that can certainly be enhanced with a pretty straightforward procedure. It’s easily done in the office under local anesthesia. A normal nipple that later becomes inverted can be a sign of cancer, but that’s a whole different discussion. If you’ve had an inverted nipple (or two) for as long as you can remember, do yourself a favor and get it “enhanced”.

#2 Breast Tattoo

Have you seen some of those tattoo designs on the side of the torso that extend onto the breast? Pretty cool. How about a picture of a little heart on an ice cube on the top of a breast? Not so much. Time for laser tattoo removal. Also, any breast tattoo that lost the battle with pregnancy and breast feeding might need to be “enhanced” away with the tattoo removal laser.

#3 Nipple Hairs

OK, they’re not actual hairs on the nipple, but rather hairs around the edge of the areola. It’s amazing how many breast surgeries we do where there are surprisingly obvious hairs around the areola (or the stubble of shaved hairs!). No man on the planet likes to see hair or stubble there. My advice is to begin “enhancing” laser hair removal immediately. Electrolysis can also work quite well.

#4 Large Nipples

Some nipple enlargement after breast feeding is normal, but some nipples go well beyond normal. Surgical reduction of big nipples is another easy office procedure done under local anesthetic. Scars are well camouflaged on the nipple, and sensibility is preserved. Another triumph of breast “enhancement”!

Douglas J. Mackenzie M.D., F.A.C.S.

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