What Are Your Financing Options for Plastic Surgery?

For patients in and around the Santa Barbara area, our plastic surgery services have produced stunning results with the highest quality of precision and care. Popular techniques such as facelift, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck surgery have helped patients achieve greater confidence and satisfaction in their bodies. It can therefore be discouraging when a potentially rewarding procedure is offset by a seemingly prohibitive cost.

Although most plastic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance, there is usually a way for patients to ultimately afford their desired treatment. With the right financing plan, patients can pay for treatment in a way that suits their income and lifestyle, without having to make any tremendous sacrifices. Together, we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals while preserving your financial stability.

Does Insurance Cover any Plastic Surgery?

When considering payment options, the first question that patients ask is whether their insurance plans will cover any portion of the treatment. Unfortunately, most cosmetic and elective procedures are not covered by insurance, leaving a majority of our patients to cover the costs themselves. There are exceptions to this rule, though. In some instances, plastic surgery is not just cosmetic, but is also used to improve a patient’s health or well-being. Breast reconstruction, breast reduction, and a variety of hand surgeries are often cited as medically valid, and may therefore be partially or fully covered by insurance. Regardless, insurance is rarely an option when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery, and as such, patients should consider the scope of their financing options.

Payment Plans Offered

When a patient cannot cover the cost of a procedure up front, he or she may utilize a payment plan via credit. In some cases, patients already have credit cards that can cover the expenses, and this option is often preferable. After all, patients already have a relationship with their credit card company, and may stand to gain benefits from the use of a certain card. In other cases, these general credit cards may have a relatively high interest rate, or patients may wish to keep their plastic surgery financing separate.

We therefore offer an option that is specially designed for medical financing: CareCredit. Through this option, patients can arrive at a customized payment plan that includes multiple financial benefits:

Occasionally, CareCredit even offers no interest at all if a payment is paid in full within a specified period of time. Patients who do not plan on an extensive payment plan are encouraged to ask about our interest-free options to allow themselves even greater financial freedom.

Investigate Your Options before Treatment

A good way to approach a cosmetic procedure is to investigate and discuss your financial options before moving forward with the treatment process. This encourages patients to formulate realistic expectations regarding their expenses and to plan accordingly. First, get an idea of what your prospective treatment will cost, either by researching comparable costs on the Internet or by calling our office. Of course, this will only give you a rough estimate, as everyone’s treatment is subject to slight variations in cost. Next, consider what portion of the expenses you will have to finance over time, and how much you would be able to pay per month. Once you have these numbers, try applying for one of the aforementioned cards online, and see if you become approved for credit. If you are, you can be well on your way to affordable treatment. If you are initially declined, speak with one of our financing professionals to discuss your cosmetic goals and financial situation; we may be able to help you arrive at a more plausible option.

Get the Treatment You Desire

With the right financing plan, even the most substantial plastic surgery procedures can be surprisingly affordable. Contact our office to inquire further about our credit options or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mackenzie.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD

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