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I was on a plane last week sitting next to a young guy who had a nevus (mole) on the back of his hand between his thumb and index finger.  It was not small.  It looked completely benign, not pigmented, and slightly pedunculated (kind of mushroom shaped). I wondered how often he snagged it on his pocket, or when putting on a glove.  It had likely been there for years, maybe his whole life.  I wondered what probably everyone else wondered: “Dude, why don’t...Read More

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What constitutes beauty in the human form changes over time and between cultures.  A recent article in the Journal of Hand Surgery described belief that tapered fingertips on a woman was an aesthetic ideal.  This trend began in the early 19th century and seems to have disappeared by the middle of the 20th century.  Because there was a thought that various activities, including playing musical instruments or typing on the recently invented typewriter could produce blunt or flared fingertips, various...Read More

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