In the words of Joan Rivers. “Believe me, you can hide a lot of things, but the hands always give it away,” I didn’t really get the meaning of this quote until recently when my 3-year niece looked at my hands, pointed and said “old” with all the sweet innocence of a child. You can always rely on them for their honesty- for better for worse. It got me thinking and glancing down at my hands. On occasion, I catch a view and think “do those things really belong to me?” They...Read More

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There are many ways to classify the effects of aging, particularly on the face, but in practice it helps to divide the effects of aging into two types:  the type helped by surgical methods, and the type helped by non-surgical methods.  Although there is a lot of overlap, think of surgery as better at addressing the effects of gravity while non-surgical treatments are better at addressing the effects of sun damage (photoaging).  One could argue that another effect of aging, volume loss, is neither related...Read More

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Our office is pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new laser system, Lumenis One Multi-technology Platform. The Lumenis One is able to treat unwanted hair, leg veins, sun spots and broken capillaries. One feature of the Lumenis One is a fourth generation Intense Pulse Light System which provides maximum results and ensures safety and comfort for our patients.

Photorejuvenation is the term used for treating the skin with an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to get rid of brown pigmentation such as sun...Read More

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