Breast Lift Patient 132


Breast Lift

39 year old female had had a saline breast augmentation 3 years before by another surgeon, and the implants were placed on top of her muscle. She had lost some weight since then, and was unhappy with the saggy appearance of her breasts and the severe rippling of her skin. She had previously had 5 children and breast fed. She wanted better shaped breasts, with slightly smaller implants. She was 6’1″”, 191 pounds, 36D before surgery, and was a 36C/D after. This is a complicated case, requiring removal of her previous implants with placement of new silicone implants beneath the pectoralis muscle, along with addressing the excess skin and sag with a mastopexy. I removed her 475 cc saline implants, created a new pocket beneath her muscle, placed 450 cc silicone gel Mentor moderate profile implants, and performed a vertical mastopexy. Because dissecting a new pocket beneath the pectoralis muscle in the face of a previous pocket above the muscle risks dehiscence (tearing) in the post-operative period, I placed Botox in her muscle to protect the muscle during the healing phase.

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