Preparing For Your Plastic Surgery Consult


When you come to see me for your consultation in Santa Barbara, I want you to get the most out of our visit and be confident that your questions are answered. However, I don’t want you feeling overwhelmed or confused by the amount of information you receive. Some procedures need more explanation and discussion than others. I feel that when a patient has done some preliminary homework, she or he will get much more out of the consultation and have more questions answered, leaving calm and confident rather than stressed and bewildered.

With the Internet, we all have ready access to so much information! Yes, some of it may be inaccurate or misleading, but overall it is a terrific resource for information on everything, including plastic surgery. I do see a difference between younger patients and older patients in the amount of preparation they have done before they come and see me (this is a big generalization, and I see exceptions to this all the time). Younger patients generally are better informed and have done more research than older patients, who tend to rely more on anecdotal information, experiences of friends, etc.

Doing preliminary research on the plastic surgery procedure(s) you are interested in will make the consultation much better. Rather than spending our time with me explaining the very basics of the procedures, we will have time to go into more depth regarding your expectations, potential complications, and other nuances of the procedure.  Let’s face it, our time is precious and limited. Sure, you can come back for another consultation, but preparation will always be rewarded. Misunderstandings usually arise when communication is compromised by confusion, and confusion is limited by good preparation.

If you’ve seen other plastic surgeons in consultation, you’ll likely hear some of the same information from me, but you will probably also hear new things and different opinions. That is normal. Again, being prepared beforehand will help you sort out the opinions, and give you a better idea of which surgeon is right for you.

So where do you go to get prepared? If you’re reading this, you’re already doing a good job. Click on the pages of the procedures you’re interested in. You will find some additional links for information within this website. Here are some good sites to check out for more information:

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

American Society of Plastic Surgeons


Your Information

When you call to schedule your appointment, we will collect some basic demographic information from you, and we will also give you a patient portal link to enter your medical and demographic information.  You can use this to update your information as well.  Please do use the online forms via your computer or smart phone to enter your medical history prior to your visit.


It is also a good idea to have some idea of the costs of the procedures you are interested in. Don’t expect an exact quote over the phone, but a range may be given, and an exact quote after the consultation when the exact procedure is known. If financing the procedure will be necessary, please see our page on financing.

For patients getting non-cosmetic surgery that may be covered by insurance, such as hand surgery and reconstructive surgery, please be sure to visit our page on Direct Pay Practice to read important information on payment policies.

We love kids too, but…

Please do your best to arrange childcare for your children when you come to the office.

During an office visit, children can be very distracting for the staff, myself, and the parent at a time when good communication is essential. Out of consideration to our other patients, and for the general safety and well-being of your own children, it is requested that you do not bring children with you to your appointment whenever possible.


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