Body Jet Liposuction


The most important ingredient in obtaining a nice liposuction result is the skill and artistry of the plastic surgeon. But it’s nice to have more than one tool to accomplish the task. There are different technologies available, and Dr. Mackenzie has some of the latest in liposuction technologies, including SmartLipo Triplex, Microaire Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), and Body Jet water assisted liposuction. Each offers certain advantages over other techniques, allowing Dr. Mackenzie to customize his body contouring plan for each patient.

Body Jet is a water assisted liposuction device, which uses a gentle stream of water (actually saline, or salt water) to help break up the fat and remove it. This allows for less bruising and pain, but also allows for the gentle harvesting of fat – a clear advantage when using fat for transferring to other areas of the body. The fat which is removed by the Body Jet device is better preserved than with other technologies that tend to traumatize the fat cells or melt them with a laser. Fat injection (fat transfer) has many uses in plastic surgery, and the Body Jet system is often used to obtain the fat needed.  Adding volume using autologous fat transfer is often done to counter the effects of aging in the face, enhance lipsaugment breasts, or used for body contouring and buttock augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift).

Depending on the needs of each patient, Dr. Mackenzie may use more than one liposuction procedure.  Skin care is integral to getting the best aesthetic result after liposuction; see our page on products that we include in your surgery package HERE.

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