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The breast reduction procedure offered by Dr. Mackenzie, our Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, removes breast tissue and skin, decreasing the size of the breast, improving the breast shape, and lifting the nipple. In addition to being an issue of self-consciousness, large breasts can also be a medical concern. Women with very large breasts can experience discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and back, develop bra strap grooving, and suffer from skin irritation under the breast folds. Breast reduction surgery can alleviate discomfort and other symptoms associated with large breasts, so if you are tired of the discomfort and aggravation associated with large breasts, you should consider breast reduction as a permanent and straightforward solution. Your insurance may provide coverage for breast reduction if you have legitimate medical problems related to the large breasts.

Prior to breast reduction surgery, you will have a complimentary consultation at our Santa Barbara office. In consultation, Dr. Mackenzie will discuss your goals, including the size you would like to be, and what other improvements may be expected, including relief of back pain.  If you are overweight and have a reasonable chance of losing that weight, it is best to do that before surgery.

The surgery itself requires general anesthesia, and it will take about two and a half hours at one of our Santa Barbara surgical facilities. If possible, Dr. Mackenzie will try to minimize the breast scars by limiting the incisions, but with breast reduction surgery, a significant amount of skin needs to be removed in addition to breast tissue. Dr. MacKenzie will then shape the remaining breast tissue and close the skin meticulously.

Following surgery, breast reduction patients will experience some pain, as well as swelling and bruising in the breast area. Dr. Mackenzie no longer uses surgical drains for most patients. The final breast shape will take form after several weeks. Scar care and skin care are integral components to getting the best aesthetic result after surgery; see our page on products that we include in your breast reduction package HERE.

The majority of breast reduction patients experience drastic improvement in their quality of life after their procedure. They enjoy increased self-confidence and a more comfortable lifestyle free of shoulder, back and neck pain.

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