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Pregnancy, breast feeding, genetics, age, or other factors can cause breasts to sag, causing women to lose confidence in their appearance, making them feel older, even unfeminine. However, breast sagging (breast ptosis) can be eliminated by the breast lift procedures offered at our Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice. A breast lift, or mastopexy, rejuvenates sagging breasts, restoring their youthful, rounded appearance, and gets the nipple back up where it used to be.

Although a breast lift can improve the shape of the breast, often women will want to add a breast implant to restore some fullness and perkiness that the lift by itself will not always provide. If you are interested in the breast lift procedure, a consultation with Dr. MacKenzie at our Santa Barbara office will give you a better understanding of the surgery and what you can expect. Dr. Mackenzie will discuss your cosmetic goals and also advise you of the type of breast lift that best suits your needs, and whether implants would further improve the result.

In this video Lisa describes her experience with vertical mastopexy combined with exchange of her old saline implants for silicone gel implants… 


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The breast lift procedure requires a general anesthetic, and the procedure takes about an hour and a half to two and a half hours, depending on the degree of sag. With breast ptosis especially, no two women are alike, and there are different types of mastopexy for different types and degrees of sag. Dr. Mackenzie does not take a cookie cutter approach to breast surgery, especially mastopexy, and will choose the procedure that is best for your breasts. Dr. Mackenzie will try and minimize breast scars whenever possible, doing limited incision mastopexy techniques when he can.  Scar and skin care is integral to getting the best aesthetic result after surgery; see our page on products that we include in your breast lift package HERE.  If breast implants are desired, these will typically be placed at the time of the mastopexy, but in some cases of severe ptosis, Dr. Mackenzie will defer the placement of the implants.

Normal side effects of breast lift surgery include pain, soreness, swelling, bruising, and general fatigue. However, all of these symptoms will fade with time, scars will improve, and patients can begin to enjoy their new, youthful curves. For more information on breast lifting, check out our blog and the photos in our gallery which are annotated to provide you with additional information. If you are considering breast implants along with your breast lift, certainly check out our section on breast augmentation.

If you are interested in achieving more youthful breasts through a breast lift surgery, call us at (805) 898-0700 or request in appointment by filling out the info below. Start yourself on the path toward rejuvenating your figure today! Before your consult with Dr. Mackenzie, get prepared! Please read our pages on Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery Consult and Plastic Surgery Financing.

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