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Injectable fillers can restore a youthful appearance to the face by smoothing deep wrinkles or adding volume to thinning lips. They can help conceal bags under the eyes, reduce the depression of deep nasolabial folds, or give cheeks a more youthful, full appearance. Even depressed scars can be softened to appear more discreet.

In younger patients with some early loss of cheek volume, fillers to the cheek can give a “lift” – check out this video showing Jessica getting the procedure in our Santa Barbara office!

Filler procedures are typically office-based procedures that are brief with minimal downtime, which usually consists of some swelling and sometimes bruising. They are often combined with other office-based nonsurgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox. We use topical anesthetic to take some of the sting out of the procedures, and some products are combined with an anesthetic. Because of the special sensitivity of the lips, we often use an anesthetic injection block to numb the lips during lip enhancement.

Each filler has attributes that make it better for certain applications than others.  For example, Restylane is usually used around the eye area to minimize the bluish so-called Tyndall effect that Juvederm can cause in this area. However, Juvederm and Restylane are both great options for lip augmentation. For more significant volume correction of hollow cheeks or a gaunt appearance, Sculptra is a great option. Radiesse is good for jawline definition, filling hollow temples, or even for adding volume to the back of the hand for hand rejuvenation. We will evaluate your unique characteristics and concerns to plan your treatment.

Sculptra®, Radiesse®, Juvéderm™, Restylane®, Voluma®, and Perlane® that we use at Pacific Plastic Surgery are bio-compatible products that give patients consistent results and are very safe . As an alternative for these types of “off-the-shelf” fillers, fat injection is an option.

See our pages on fat injection and lip augmentation for more information.


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