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MicroNeedling & PRP for Collagen Induction Therapy


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What it Micro-Needling?

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Micro-Needling is a process that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin creating micro-injuries or channels. A healing process is triggered, thus promoting collagen and elastin (fibers that give our skin firmness and tightness) production. Pain and discomfort is controlled with topical medication. We use the only FDA approved Class II Micro-Needling device, clinically proven to be safe and effective. 

Why FDA approval matters?  Other devices may suffer from hooked, or jagged needles and cause damage to the skin, see picture below. SkinPen is clinically proven to provide safe needle depth creating precise channels. It has been laboratory tested and validated to prevent risk of cross-contamination. 

Based on recent research there are many reasons as to why this cosmetic procedure is becoming more and more desirable, some being, reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles, repairing visible scars, shrinks pores, reverses sun damage and pigmentation and also amplifies the effectiveness of skin products. Additionally, this process can be done anywhere on the body. 

What is PRP(Protein Rich Plasma) and why is it beneficial with Micro-Needling?

PRP, otherwise known as protein rich plasma, is primarily a large concentration of platelets containing growth factors other molecules.  These growth factors and molecules are vital to wound healing. When using in conjunction with the Micro-Needling growth factors, found within the PRP, are released, ultimately speeding up our bodies repair process.  During the repair process  the proteins responsible for youthful appearance, collagen and elastin, are also stimulated. PRP is retrieved by a simple blood draw in the office. The vial containing a mixture of our bloods components is spun via a special machine that separates these segments. The plasma is then drawn and gently applied on the clients face during the Micro-Needling procedure.

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