Skincare Assessment & Skinscope Analysis


Skincare Assessment

Skin plays a key function biologically and culturally. Biologically, it protects from external environmental pollutants, UV rays, and microorganisms. Culturally, it reflects standards of beauty. To ensure our patients are using the best skincare regimen we offer complimentary skincare assessment with Sara Chaidez, Licensed Esthetician.

Using an advanced diagnostic Skinscope to reveal visible and underlying skin imperfections, including sun damage, congested pores, uneven texture, dehydration and poor desquamation(cell renewal). Based on results, Sara will customize an at home skincare regimen using science backed SkinCeuticals products.

Skinscope LED

Developed for skincare professionals to educate their clients on the importance of proper skincare. SkinScope utilizes UV light to reveal damage beneath the surface by detecting skin’s fluorescence. A specific range of lights are used to illuminate the skin, how the light reflects back depends on its’ interaction with the compounds in the skin.

The photo to the right shows how pigmented skin reflects brown and congested pores around the nose and chin appear orange/pink.



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