Surgical Arts Surgical Center

Most of Dr. Mackenzie’s outpatient surgeries are performed at the Surgical Arts Surgical Center, which is Suite 202 on the second floor of the Surgical Arts building and above our office.  Please visit the Center’s website HERE.

This accredited facility includes two operating rooms, two separate pre-operative consultation and marking areas, and a three bed recovery room. Dr. Mackenzie uses anesthesiologists from the Anesthesia Medical Group of Santa Barbara (see their website and read about their physicians here).


Take a photo tour of the Surgical Center…
  • 1The entrance to Surgical Arts Surgical Center is Suite 202 upstairs, facing State Street. You can take the stairs or the elevator in the front of the building.  Entrance.JPG
  • 2You’ll enter the reception area to be greeted and fill out some paperwork. Reception area Surgical Arts Surgical Center Dr. Mackenzie plastic surgeon
  • 3In the pre-operative exam area you will change, and Dr. Mackenzie will see you, go over the operative plan once again and mark you for your procedure.
    Pre-Op Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mackenzie Surgical Arts Surgical Center
  • 4Here is a photo of one of the operating rooms.
    Operating Room Dr. Mackenzie Plastic Surgeon Santa Barbara Surgical Arts Surgical Center
  • 5This is our storage area and clean room, where instruments and supplies are stored.CleanRoom Surgical Arts Surgical Center Dr. Mackenzie Plastic Surgery
  • 6This is the recovery area, where you will awaken and recover after surgery.Recovery Room Dr. Mackenzie Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon Surgical Arts Surgical Center
The exit is a different door than where you came in, and your family member or friend who will be picking you up will meet you and the recovery room nurse here.
Here's Where You Will Be Picked Up After Surgery at Surgical Arts Surgical Center

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