How does PicoSure laser tattoo removal work?
Laser energy is delivered to the tattoo with a 755 or 532 nm handpiece in picosecond bursts, targeting the ink and breaking it down into smaller particles. The particles are then eliminated by the body’s natural processes, resulting in a lightening of the tattoo ink.

How many treatments will PicoSure laser tattoo removal require?
The number of laser treatments needed for tattoo removal is dependent on a number of variables, such as ink type, skin type, size of the tattoo, scarring from the tattoo procedure, type of laser used, lifestyle habits, etc. During your consultation, a practitioner will evaluate your tattoo and recommend a realistic treatment regime to help you achieve the best results.  No guarantee can be made on how many sessions will be necessary, but as treatments progress, better estimates can be made.  Some stubborn tattoos will reach a point of diminishing returns, where some ink will just not come out.

How often will I need treatments?
While it typically it takes 4-6 weeks for the body to absorb the ink particles, every patient and tattoo responds differently. Following the recommended post treatment protocol will likely improve the results and reduce the chance of adverse events.

Can I have only a portion of my tattoo removed?
Yes, we can target just one area, or tattoo detailing that you no longer want.  This can also be a good way to prepare for a revision or cover tattoo.

How much does tattoo removal cost?
The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on several factors, including the size of the tattoo and the number of treatments it will require. After your consultation, the practitioner will provide you a price estimate for the treatment series.  Laser tattoo removal will always require multiple treatments, so it is better to be prepared to purchase a series, which will save you money over paying for each session individually. Financing is available.

Why is the PicoSure more expensive than other laser tattoo removal options?
Although the cost is typically higher than Q-switched lasers, the effect is better and you will get the job done faster with the PicoSure, with fewer treatments. The total cost will therefore be comparable.

Can I lighten the tattoo to have another one put on top?
Tattoos can be lightened in preparation for a cover-up tattoo. We recommend that you wait six weeks between your final treatment and when you get the new tattoo.

Does tattoo removal hurt?
This procedure is slightly more uncomfortable than getting a tattoo; however, it is very fast. Many treatments take less than a minute. We find that air cooling with the Zimmer cooler is enough for most people, but topical anesthetic is also available.

Will I blister and scab afterwards?
Blisters and scabs can be a normal response to tattoo removal. Keep the skin over it covered with a healing ointment and gauze to promote healing and prevent scarring.

Does insurance cover tattoo removal treatments?
No, but we have financing options available.

How do I schedule a visit?
Call 805-898-0700 to schedule your initial consult and first treatment.

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