If you have loose, hanging skin leftover from losing a significant amount of weight, arm lifts and thigh lifts could help to give you the appearance you desire.

Arm lifts or brachioplasties are a common procedure. Leg lifts or thigh lifts are very similar. It is a similar operation as ones on the upper arm and ones on the thigh. The operation is typically when people have had a lot of excess skin. When we need to take off skin, we are actually cutting skin out. The way I would like to do it for most patients is leaving them a scar on the back of their arm rather than the inside of their arm. It tends to be less visible. Some people can get away with a smaller procedure with a smaller incision and it all depends on where their excess tissue is. They will not be as self-conscious about their arm tissue flapping and hanging and it is a very good operation for people that it is indicated.

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