Dr. Douglas Mackenzie offers a variety of body contouring procedures at his Santa Barbara plastic surgery center. From tummy tuck to liposuction and post-bariatric body contouring, he works with patients to help them reach their aesthetic goals.

Body recontouring procedure is really run a gamut of the simple which could be liposuction where we are suctioning fat from underneath the skin but we are not doing anything to the skin or the underlying structures, through tummy tucks and abdominoplasties, which is a very common operation especially in women who have had children, who have loosening of their abdominal wall and maybe some excess skin and then into more extensive body recontouring procedures that are probably more common with people who have lost a lot of weight and that is often after bariatric surgery, stomach stapling operations where they have lost many pounds, and have a lot of excess hanging skin. So there are operations to address that. Lower body lifts, thigh lifts, more extensive abdominoplasties, upper arm lifts, and even breast lifting.

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