Breast augmentation with implants is the most commonly performed procedure at Dr. Mackenzie’s Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice. Dr. Mackenzie uses a variety of implants and surgical techniques, so he can tailor each treatment to the patient’s needs.

Breast augmentation is probably the number one procedure that I perform. I do various techniques depending on the patient’s preference. Techniques regarding, as far as the incision site, so implants can be placed through an incision under the breast, inframammary, around the areola, periareolar through the armpit, transaxillary. I even do one with saline implants called transareolar right around the base of the nipple. Postoperatively, I will always use a pain pump. The pain pump really minimizes the patient’s pain. As far as choosing the size of the implant, that is always a question on people’s mind, and there are various techniques we use in the office and my aesthetic coordinator also helps out in that regard to come up with a size that will get you to the cup size that you are looking for.

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