Dr. Douglas Mackenzie offers full, mid, and mini face lift plastic surgery procedures at his practice in Santa Barbara, CA. Our patients often combine facelifts with other procedures such as blow lifts and eyelid lifts.

Face lifting is primarily to address ageing from the cheekbones down to the bottom of the neck. Depending on exactly how the aging is happening, whether it is mostly on the neck, mostly in the jowls, and severity of it. I will take techniques and apply it to the patient. That may mean a full face lift where we will make an incision from the temple around the ear to the back or maybe a mini facelift which can be done under local anesthesia in the office and is not quite as extensive. I often commonly do a mid face lift and I use a device called an endotine which is fairly new. It is very nice in rejuvenating the mid-face and kind of taking the fullness of the jowls and putting it back up on the cheeks where it used to be. Those procedures again are often combined with some of the other procedures such as brow lifting or blepharoplasty.

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