For anti-aging services, Dr. Douglas Mackenzie offers various facial rejuvenation options such as BOTOX® injections and state-of-the-art skin treatments at his Santa Barbara practice. Often, our patients choose to combine surgical and non-surgical procedures for dramatic, long-lasting results.

Facial rejuvenation obviously people are interested in it because they are aging and also because they have sun damage. In California, of course, even some younger people have a lot of sun damage. There are many ways to approach facial aging and typically the face does not simply sag. There is perhaps a gravitational component to facial aging but it is also the surface texture and coloration of the face that ages. Surgery is one option and it can correct some of the gravitational changes, some of the excess skin for example and some of the drooping of the neck and that sort of thing but it does not do anything for the surface of the skin, so we are often combining procedures, perhaps photofacial or photodynamic therapy to improve some of the coloration and brown spots of the face and we are also often doing things like Botox or fillers to improve lines and augment areas that have shrunk or deep grooved. So there are various things we can do to rejuvenate the face and they do not all involve surgery.

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