At Pacific Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, Dr. Mackenzie performs liposuction to help patients attain the figure they desire. In this clip, Dr. Mackenzie discusses the liposuction procedure and possible candidates.

Liposuction is a procedure that a lot of people are fairly familiar with. The best candidates are people who are in generally good shape but that have areas or pockets of fat that they just cannot get rid of with diet and exercise. Someone who is overweight is not a great candidate. They really need to lose some of the weight first or perhaps have other procedures. Liposuction procedure is done with small incisions, metal tubes with holes at the end that go back and forth. I have a power assisted system that helps me in some cases do that and the suction is applied to those cannulas and the fat is literally sucked through the little holes in the cannula and taken out. Following the procedure you would be in a compression garment for a while. Some of the bruising is minimized by the fluid or the tumescent solution that we use during the procedure and we also use foam padding underneath the garment and you wear the garment for a few weeks afterwards.

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