At Pacific Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, Dr. Douglas Mackenzie combines liposuction with other body contouring procedures to help patients accentuate their figures after significant weight loss. Post-bariatric body contouring surgery is often the final step in a dramatic weight-loss transformation.

There are various body contouring procedures that I often use after people have lost a lot of weight and usually if they have not lost that weight with diet, it is because they have had bariatric surgery or stomach stapling which of course can give them a dramatic weight loss. We usually wait at least a year after that surgery until their weight is diminished and plateaued and these procedures will really kind of get them feeling much better about themselves because if they have lost a lot of weight but they have a lot hanging skin everywhere. The procedures can include thigh lifting, circumferential body lifts, lower body lifting, belt lipectomies are different names for different procedures, even arm lifting and breast lifting, all of those things are very common in someone who has lost a lot of weight.

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