Facial Implants – Dr. Mackenzie in Santa Barbara does Chin and Cheek Implants

Chin AugmentationFor some people, a weak chin can cause a significant imbalance in the appearance of their profile. For others, flat cheekbones don’t match the rest of the facial proportions. These patients may benefit from facial implants. Although other areas of the face may also be improved with structural enhancement using implants, the chin and cheek are the most common.

The chin balances the profile, and when it is “weak,” it often contributes to imbalances with the nose or neck. Sometimes someone considering rhinoplasty will instead need a chin implant, or possibly both a chin implant and rhinoplasty, to get the best result. A prematurely aging neck can often be improved with just a chin implant if a weak chin is contributing to the profile, or more commonly, added to a facelift as part of a comprehensive approach to the aging jawline and neck. Addressing the problems of a poor jawline and neck in a younger patient may involve liposuction of the neck along with a chin implant.

If your chin problem is more extensive, including problems with your teeth and your dental occlusion, then you may need more extensive jaw surgery and orthodontics. For that, we would refer you to an oral surgeon.

Cheek implants are fairly common facial implants used to give improved structure to flat cheekbones, or to add volume to the aging face when flat cheeks are contributing to a gaunt or hollow look. This may also involve the lower eyelid, and enhance an aging eyelid. Fat injection is often used to add volume to the cheeks and orbit area, sometimes along with cheek implants.

I use both silastic (silicone) and Medpor (porous polyethylene) facial implants.

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